Android Apps development Training
Android is an operating system based on the Linux kernel, and designed primarily for touch screen mobile devices such as smart phones and tablet computers. Android is popular with technology companies which require a ready-made, low-cost & customizable operating system for high-techdevices.
Android became the most popular mobile OS, having the largest installed base, and is a market leader in most countries. To be an apps developer, you need to have training in software development.The Android platform today has built outstanding careers in technology innovation and application development .
Course Details:
Real time work shop
is conducted by realtime experienced Project Manger from MNC
Duration 2 Months
Project One Month
Class Monday to Friday
Batch Timing 2hrs per day
class Monday to Friday
Eligibility B.E/B.TECH, M.C.A,
Arcus infotech organizes trained fresher interview slots with leading MNCs .dedicated placement cell provides complete placement support for successfully course completed students.Arcus infotech candidates are currently working in IBM , Accenture , Capgemini , Wipro , CTS , ACS , DELL,PEROT etc.
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Growing popularity of mobile applications
The popularity of mobile applications is rising by the hour. Plain and simple, people from all over are fast switching from their laptops and notebooks to smartphones. This explains the growing need for Mobile Application developers.

According to a TOI article, India is the third fastest growing mobile applications market.

Java Basics
  • OOP Concepts
  • First Program
  • Control Statements
  • Implementing OOP concepts
    • Encapsulation(private,public,default, protected)
    • Inheritance
    • Abstraction (Abstract class & Interfaces)
    • Polymorphism (Object Behaviors)
  • Basics Of AWT and Applet

Android Basics

Introduction to Android
  • What is Android?
  • History of Android versions
  • Enhanced features in each versions
Installing and setting up Eclipse Environment

Eclipse Tool
  • Log cat
  • DDMS
  • Different Folders in Eclipse
  • Android Manifest
Emulator and its Set up
  • API Manager
  • Android Architecture
  • Activity Life Cycle
Different Types of Layouts in XML
  • Linear Layout
  • Relative Layout
  • Table Layout
  • Grid View
  • List View
Android Application Components
  • Activity
  • Intents
  • Types of Intents
  • Passing Data using PutExtra and GetExtra
  • Sticky Intent
  • Broadcast Receiver
  • Content Provider
  • Services
Dialog boxes and Alert boxes
  • Key Listeners
  • Array and its types
  • Notification Manager
  • Toast
Android Widgets
  • Check boxes
  • Radio boxes
  • Toggle buttons
  • Menu
  • Paint and Path (Canvas)
  • Web views
  • Auto complete text
  • Type Costing
  • Start Activity for Result
Animation in Android
  • Frame and
  • Tween Animation
Android Advanced

Storing Information in the Storage
  • Internal Storage
  • External Storage
  • SQLite Database
  • Shard Preferences
SQLite basics
  • SQLiteOpenHelper Class
  • Content Values and
  • Cursor
Android Web Applications

HTTP Client and HTTP response
  • HTTP client
  • HTTPGet
  • URI
  • HTTPResponse
Async Task
  • Threads
  • Handlers
  • JSON Parsing
  • XML Parsing Twitter App with JSON example
  • Async Task
Custom Grid View
  • ArrayAdapter
  • BaseAdaper

  • Custom List View
  • Interacting with OS
Different Managers in Android
  • Activity Manager
  • Window Manager
  • Package Manager
  • Telephony Manager
  • Location Manager
  • Notification Manager
  • Android Fragments
  • Working With Google Maps
  • Publish your App on Google Play
  • Sample App Source codes
  • Project

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