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The .NET Framework is a software framework developed by Microsoft that runs primarily on Microsoft Windows.
It includes a large library and provides language interoperability across several programming languages.
.NET software development remains one of the best careers in 2013 & 2014,
According to polling and surveys. Lots of openings are there in market for Dot net Freshers & Experienced Professionals
Course Details:
Real time work shop
is conducted by realtime experienced Project Manger from MNC
Duration 2 Months
Project One Month
Class Monday to Friday
Batch Timing 2hrs per day
class Monday to Friday
Eligibility B.E/B.TECH, M.C.A,
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The Philosophy of .NET
  • Understanding the Previous State of Affairs
  • The .NET Solution
  • Additional .NET-Aware Programming Languages
Understanding the CLR
  • An Overview of .NET Assemblies
  • Understanding the Common Type System
  • Understanding the Common Language Specification
  • Understanding the Common Language Runtime
  • The Assembly/Namespace/type Distinction
  • Exploring an Assembly Using ildasm.exe
  • The Platform- Independent Nature of .NET
Understanding .Net Framework
  • Need of Framework
  • Version of Framework
  • Languages under .Net


Working with VS.Net 2008
  • The Role of the .NET Framework 3.5 SDK
  • Building C# Application Using csc.exe
  • Building .Net Applications Using Notepad
  • Building .Net Applications Using Visual C# 2008
  • Building .Net Applications Using Visual Studio 2008
  • A Partial Catalog of Additional .Net Development Tools
Language fundamentals with competitive study
  • C#.Net and VB.Net
  • OOPs Techniques
  • Deals with C#.Net and VB.Net
Advanced Concepts of .Net framework features
  • Delegates, Events, and Lambdas
  • Attribute-Based Programming
  • String and Error Handling
  • Understanding Structured Exception Handling
  • Working with Generic
  • File Handling Concepts(Deals with all Streams)
Graphics Programming Techniques
  • Threading Concepts
  • Working with Reflection
  • Working with Assemblies
  • COM Interoperability
  • Indexer, property and Pointers
  • LINQ
    • Deals with Object
    • Deals with SQL
    • Deals with XML
    • Socket,
    • Remoting and
    • Threading
WCF(Windows Communication Foundation)
  • Activation and Hosting/Endpoints
  • Programming and Model
  • Operation and types of Contracts
  • Service Binding,Behaviour and SOA principles
  • XML and Encoding
  • Transports, Protocols and Proxy System

Desktop User Interfaces
  • Introduction about Windows Application
  • Common Window Controls
  • Advanced Controls
  • Dialog Controls
  • Creating Window Applications
  • Window Controls
  • Windows Service
  • Components
  • Data Controls
  • WPF(Windows Presentation Foundation)
  • Programming with WPF Controls using Expression Blend
  • ADO.Net Programming using SQL-Server 2005 with Windows Controls
  • Application Setup and Deployment
Building Web Applications with ASP.Net
  • Introduction to ASP.Net3.5
  • ASP.NET overview and in detail ASP.Net Page Life Cycle
  • ASP.NET Page Directives
  • HTTP Context, server objects
  • About Scripting
  • Manipulating Pages and Server Controls with JavaScript
  • Data verification and validation
  • Using Images and sounds for error notification
  • Working with ASP.Net Controls
  • Dealing with Postbacks
  • Cross page Posting
  • Dealing with ASP.Net Application folders
  • ASP.NET CSS, Themes, and Master Pages
  • ASP.NET State Management Techniques
  • Data Accessing through ASP.Net Controls
Building Web Applications with ASP.Net
  • ADO.Net Connected & Disconnected Programming
  • Querying with LINQ(to Object/ to SQL/ to XML)
  • ASP.Net Web Services
  • Working with Web.Config File and virtual link
  • Managing Users with ASP. Net’s Authentication
  • Mailing
  • Navigational Controls
  • Web Parts Techniques
  • Custom Webpage
  • Membership and Role Management
  • Dealing with Web Parts
  • Culture(Localization & Globalization)
  • ASP.Net Ajax tool kit(Downloading and Installing)
  • ASP.Net AJAX Controls and JSON
  • Web Services
  • WCF with MIX and with proxy system
  • Building a Customized Web Server dealing with IIS6.0 and IIS7.0
  • File I/O and Streams
  • File Uploading and Downloading
  • Object Serialization & De-Serialization(Deals with Boxing and Un-Boxing as Complex type)
  • Using Business Objects(deals with MVC Pattern)
  • Crystal Report deals with different file format
  • Configuring ASP.Net in IIs on XP,Vista and Windows-7
  • ASP.NET Concepts deals with Project

  • Packaging and Deploying ASP.Net Applications
  • Deals with XML
  • XML Overview
  • XML Syntax
  • Writing DTD’s
  • Transforming XML using XSLT
  • Presenting XML for the Web-CSS
  • XML in Applications
  • XPath and XLink

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