Mainframe server technology is evergreen technology. Mainframe server is hardware. operating system and other soft wares  required to run the application on server.the operating system is MVS , RDBMS is DB2 , widely using programming knowledge is COBOL and cics , jcl , vsam ,ims db/dc ,rexx , assembler are among other softwares.

File aid , xpeditor ,endeavor etc are the tools using in mainframe application programming.

Mainframe is useful for fortune 500 and very large scale companies for maintaining centralized database management system.
The other advantage is that it is virus free technology and nobody can hack the server.

Most of the financial organizations like banks , insurance companies ,  retail companies are using mainframe server for fast ,reliable ,cost effective ,safe and speed.

Users with user id and password can login mainframe server from any part of the world using internet and able to access the data or application. programmers  can write ,compile and run the program and user can use the is able to support large number of users at a time.
Professionals can select either mainframe server administration or mainframe application program as their career and career growth assured.

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