Arcus infotech provides both permanent & temporary staffing.
    Permanent staffing.
    Arcus knows staffs are the asset for the IT companies. Arcus takes it very serious. we collect profiles based on the client exact requirement through





    1) Short list the matching profiles.
    2) We conduct first round interview (technical & HR)
    3) Verify the details given by the candidate
    4) Analyze and prepare the total report of the candidate.
    5) Fix the convenient date & time with client and schedule the interview

    Arcus is able to source the candidates from executive level to ceo level.

  • Temporary staffing.

    Arcus holding excellent staffs in various technologies with vast experience. Arcus staffs are doing excellent services for our existing clients. Arcus can cater the need of clients in any technology & for any duration.

Trained fresher recruitment.

we can give trained fresher with the exposure & case study experience in the following technologies.

Arcus trained fresher are engineering & science professionals having good communication ,aptitude ,technical & analytical skills and having good academic percentage.

The highlight of the recruitment in this segment is

1) Cost involving is zero & no service charges.

2) You can recruit both temporary & permanent

3) No need to train them in technology as they already trained.

4) You can ask for agreement for working long term.

Arcus trained fresher undergoes the training with following concepts & methodologies

  • class room training
  • lab demo session
  • lab session
  • technical seminars
  • project seminars
  • case study
  • mock interview.


Temporary Staffing and Recruitment.

This segment involves providing personnel to the client for a contracted period. These personnel are on Arcus's rolls and match the client's specifications for manpower.

Why On-Site Training?

Providing workforce at the "Right Time".

Arcus undertakes mobilization of personnel in the specified numbers and their placement at client-identified locations through its own team of committed Staffing Solutions members located across India. On request, or at the conclusion of the contract period, the deputed personnel are demobilized from the client sites. Clients thus experience the performance and contribution of deputed personnel while enjoying flexibility and freedom to focus on the core business.

Arcus has proven experience working with professionally managed Indian companies and MNCs and a large proportion of our deputes are with MNCs. In addition, all Arcus deputes are on our rolls, assuring them of all the benefits and the dignity of a regular employee in a Respected company.

Arcus has pioneered the introduction of these services in India, which is a well-accepted mode to fulfill manpower needs in developed countries. Little wonder that an increasing number of MNCs familiar with 'temps' or 'bubble resourcing business seek out Arcus's services in this area.

No Company can afford to retain all the skills it needs in-house. That was always true for small and medium enterprises. Now after a decade of downsizing, de-layering and outsourcing it is equally true for the largest enterprise. The result, as frequently reported, is that companies fail to capitalize on market opportunities because of lack of skills.

One potential solution is to turn to the big consulting firms. While these are well known, clients risk paying partner sized fees for recent graduates who sometimes have to be trained at the clients expense. An alternative is to use the services of an independent consultant. These usually offer experience and value for money. The problem is finding one who matches your requirements.

The Arcus Consultants offers a solution to the dilemma. Our members tend to have specialist skills; we are particularly strong in the areas of IT.

Members have expertise across a range of functional areas including: IT, logistics and distribution, sales and marketing, finance, development of human resources and legal.

Members meet bi-monthly for briefings on issues of topical interest. Normally, up to 12 meetings a year is hosted by leads in the field of technology. The briefings are an excellent source of education and your chance to enquire about the strategies of those companies shaping the future (training). The meetings are also an opportunity to share experiences.