The revolutionary concept in IT trained fresher recruitment & relevant experience segment.

If you want to hire IT professionals in trained fresher segment & relevant experience segment, the cost involving is zero.

  • Services offered to the recruiter

    • Send the candidates data for short listing.
    • If recruiter need to conduct telephonic interview, Arcus can bring all the candidates to Arcus office to enable the point of contact is single.

    • Arrangements can be done to conduct written test ,interview ,group discussion etc at Arcus office.
    • A/C accommodation & food , pick up & drop can be organized ,if the recruiter is coming from out station.
    • As it is the value added service to our candidates ,no service charges involving to recruit candidates.
    • Arcus can verify documents ,address, reference etc if recruiter demands.


  • we can give trained fresher with the exposure & case study experience in the following technologies.    

    Arcus trained fresher are engineering & science professionals having good communication ,aptitude ,technical & analytical skills and having good academic percentage. the highlight of the recruitment in this segment is
    1) cost involving is zero & no service charges.
    2) you can recruit both temporary & permanent.
    3) no need to train them in technology as they already trained.
    4) you can ask for agreement for working long term.

    Arcus trained fresher undergoes the training with following concepts & methodologies

    • class room training
    • lab demo session
    • lab session
    • technical seminars
    • project seminars
    • case study
    • mock interview.